Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

It is the highest consultative and pastoral body in the parish, which, working closely with the parish priest, plans, organizes, coordinates, implements, monitors and evaluates the pastoral programs and activities of the parish.  It is a representative body of the different areas, groups, and organizations within the parish; and also a ministerial body where parish services and activities are carried out through the different ministries and support groups.

The president of the PPC is the Parish Priest. As an ordained minister, he is the shepherd, who holds authority and responsibility over the parish, as appointed and tasked by his bishop. The parish priest promotes the attainment of PPC pastoral objectives and programs and calls for PPC meetings thru the Lay Coordinator. As head of the PPC, the parish priest appoints the officers of the PPC.

The Parish Pastoral Officers (PPO)

Composed of the Lay Coordinator, Assistant Lay Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer, the PPO (or Executive Committee) is a small body within the PPC that assists the parish priest in maintaining and managing the PPC; the parish priests regularly convenes the PPO for consultation on pastoral matters to guide him in his pastoral decisions.


PPC Lay CoordinatorsNathaniel Diola
Maria Faina L. Diola
PPC Asst. Lay CoordinatorsLuis De Luna
Joji De Luna
SecretaryJaneth Mabaquiao
TreasurerLorenzo Clavejo
FormationMa. Sheilah Napalang
Jonathan S. Beldia
Family and LifeLuis De Luna
Josephine De Luna
CatecheticalRuben Lumbreras
Dol Lumbreras
CampusMeily Villaverde
VocationNanette Pelaez
Teodulfo Pelaez
Social ServicesMaria Faina L. Diola
Lenie T. Malinao
MediaMar Philippe Lopez
Mariel De Luna
Public AffairsNerissa Agustin
Benedick Lapuz
StewardshipMario Delos Reyes
Jonathan Beldia
Urban PoorArnulfo Anoos
Julian Ramos
Bible ApostolateRex Francis Flores
MusicGenaro Cesar Edilo, Jr.
YouthKathleen Mendoza
Trishia Gaddi
BECErlinda Cinco
Imelda Fe