The Genuineness of Giving

Sunday Gospel Reflection
Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
John 3:16-18 | June 4, 2023

The Genuineness of Giving
by Carlo S. Dureza

Several years ago, a friend of mine said something which will remain permanently fixed in my mind for as long as my memory does not escape me.

I was so attracted, even enamored, with the miniature sling bag which hung on her body. It was just about the size of my palm and was made of an indigenous native fabric. It had a color combination and design that was very appealing to me.

After expressing much appreciation over it, she plainly remarked, “You can have it.” I was so surprised with this and a ” tug-of-war” of sorts happened within me as to whether or not I should accept her offer. In my heart of hearts, I really didn’t want to let go of my fascination. It was a rare chance to acquire freely what I wanted.

I asked repeatedly, “Are you sure?”

My friend’s quick reply was, “Yes, I love giving away what I like.”

Such a reply reverberated all over me. I delightfully accepted my friend’s generous gesture. This experience has remained in my heart ever since.

The Gospel today is about our Lord giving us His only Son Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. God’s precious Son paid the price for our salvation. He did this so that we may live and receive joy in all its fullness. God decided to give up His beloved Son so that we may relish to our heart’s content the gift of freedom and mercy, even at the cost of experiencing pain and suffering.

The essence of true giving is freely offering what one holds so dear that another would not experience emptiness. God willed that we be exempt from nothingness even when it hurts. Being without anything is evil because this runs contrary to the very nature of our Lord which is life-giving.

What makes this giving more profound is that it hurts deeply. Giving up something valuable is painful. What father would not get hurt by offering his only son to death? It must have been painful for God to experience losing Jesus just so we could be found. Giving becomes genuine if it hurts. This hurt or loss is a joyful one because it is LOVE. We haven’t loved if we haven’t gotten hurt.

“Kaya tayo nasasaktan kasi nagmamahal tayo.”

My friend loved me so much that she gave up her sling bag that was precious to her. Parting with what she liked so much must have hurt her. Allowing oneself to hurt for the sake of others entails much humility. A King who gives up his Son for others must be humble. Humility is the foremost virtue of a true Christian.

Let us do acts of kind giving to others. Let us pray to our Lord that He may help us be humble in the ordinariness of daily life, even if it hurts. Little things count. Though seemingly insignificant, it may be big and grand in the eyes of God.

Happy Sunday! Godbless! 😄🙏💞

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