Memorial of Padre Pio on September 23

On September 23, Thursday, we will celebrate the memorial of Padre Pio. We remember before God our sick loved ones and ask that healing and recovery may be granted to them through the intercession of Padre Pio.

1. We will have with us a relic of Padre Pio and his image at our sanctuary starting Sept 23 to Sunday, Sept 26 to allow the faithful to venerate him and ask for his prayers.

2. On his feast we shall bless oils for use of the sick as they pray for healing and comfort in their affliction. After the mass, you may bring home the blessed oil to your sick loved ones. A Prayer to Padre Pio for intercession for healing will accompany the blessed oil.

3. The Blessed oils are given for free. Should you however wish to make a donation to our parish you may drop them at the designated donation box or send them via our Gcash (please use QR code) or via online banking.

4. If you want to light a candle before the image of Padre Pio, there are candles for sale at the entrance of the church at ₱100 each. If you cannot go to church, we can light a candle for you & put your name on the candle or the name of your sick loved ones you wish to pray for. Maximum of five names per candle. You may contact us through our Viber, messenger, or email accounts.

Prayer for Physical Healing and Recovery through Padre Pio’s intercession

Padre Pio, you sanctified earthly pain through your suffering and you gave us an example of faith and of obedience to the will of the Lord, our God. You always showed mercy and compassion for those who were ill, and through you, the Lord performed miracles and works of healing. Padre Pio, we place our loved ones who are ill in your hands. We place in your care all those who are terminally ill, who have no earthly hope, and we humbly ask you to perform a miraculous work of healing for them.

Padre Pio, intercede for [name], that his/her health may be restored, according to the Father’s will. Padre Pio, you are my guide, my heart’s joy, my example of a life lived for Christ. Show me your love, relieve my suffering, and grant that my loved one may be healed for the glory of our Lord who lives and reigns through the eternities. Amen

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