Langit sa Lupa

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 19, 2020
Matthew 13: 24-43

Langit sa Lupa

Everything has been a lot easier before this pandemic. We were able to move freely and go wherever and whenever we want to. Our favorite coffee shops and hangout stores were always open for our stories and laughter. Students enjoy the thrill and excitement of surprise recitation and quizzes at school. People had more stable jobs. The economy is open and rising. And even though everything was far from perfect, it has been a lot easier to say, “Ramdam ko ang Diyos. Truly, God’s reign is in our midst.”

The proclamation of the kingdom of God has always been at the heart of Jesus’ preaching. In today’s gospel, we heard Jesus using parables – that of the man sowing good seed, of the yeast, and of the mustard seed – to preach and explain what the kingdom of God is all about. At siguro madali nating maiintidihan ang kaharian ng Diyos kung mas nararamdaman natin ito. When things go our way, then there’s the kingdom of God. When peace triumphs over war, then we feel the kingdom of God. And only when a vaccine is developed and made available for this COVID-19, then that’s the only time we can say that the kingdom of God is for real.

Perhaps, my dear friends, we find it difficult to experience the kingdom of God (and even God Himself!) nowadays because we can’t experience and find Him in places we expect Him to be. Baka kasi may mga expectations na tayo sa kung ano dapat ang kaharian ng Diyos. Baka kasi may mga expectations na tayo kung nasaan ba dapat ang Diyos. But the truth is, the kingdom of God isn’t all about convenience and “hayahay.” It isn’t only found in the gentleness of wind and calmness of sea. But you know what, my dear friends, the kingdom of God is and will always be found where we experience love. Hindi man palaging madali at cheesy, pero palaging puno ng pag-ibig.

Think of our doctors and nurses who untiringly attend to COVID-19 patients. Think of our grocery staff and market vendors who make sure there’s food for all. Think of our government leaders who give their all to come up with programs and action plans. Think of our church leaders who continue to find means of bringing the Eucharist to our homes. Think of our own parents who provide our needs everyday.

Kung nasaan ang pag-ibig, naroon ang kaharian ng Diyos. The kingdom of God is all the more present in spite of the suffering and loss we feel deep within. And these people – we – who continue to love make the kingdom of God all the more felt in this bruised and aching world.

Because, my dear friends, while the kingdom of God is yet to come, it is already here within and among us – na sa kada karanasan ng pag-ibig ay masasabi natin, “langit sa lupa.”

A happy and blessed Sunday!

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