Crosses of Discipleship and the Gift of Faith

Sunday Gospel Reflection
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Luke 14:25-33 | September 4, 2022

Crosses of Discipleship and the Gift of Faith
Carlo S. Dureza

Many times we have come across Jesus’ teachings on discipleship. Following Christ would always involve carrying a heavy yoke. This suggests deliberately accepting pains, burdens, humiliation. Literally, lifting a cross on one’s shoulder would be akin to Jesus’ experience as He bought redemption for us.

Upon first glance at the gospel, we may view discipleship as taking something heavy or piercing in a physical sense. The cross may be something that inflicts physical pain as one decides to follow the commands of God. But, the cross is not just physically daunting.

Suffering as a way of embracing discipleship could mean more than just physically enduring the wounds of Jesus as He treaded the lonely road to Calvary on that sorrowful Friday. There is something more than or behind just the daily load, struggles, and problems we have.

Putting Jesus as more important than father, mother, brother, and sister may be difficult, even painful. It can be agonizing and dreadful to choose an uncertain life over family. It is not easy to leave the enclave of love you have grown up with for someone you have yet to discover more fully.

Sharing one’s resources to care for people is a great risk. You may not know what may transpire out of letting others partake of your time, talents, and treasure. The gnawing uncertainty as one ensures himself of reciprocated love is unsettling. Counting the cost to build the “tower” of discipleship is a cross to carry.

Openly admitting that you are weak and have to relent to people who are stronger, more formidable in stature, and therefore have to bow in humble submission to them is very humiliating. Having to pocket your pride to accept one’s inadequacy compared to others is a cross you have to bear. Like a king who has less foot soldiers, it would be best to extend peace to one’s adversaries.

The call of discipleship would require us to sort priorities in our relationships in the order of importance, to allow risks in encountering uncertainties without counting the costs, and to humble oneself in accepting a follower role in the face of weaknesses.

We could rise to the occasion of carrying a disciple’s cross through FAITH: God loved us first.

Happy Sunday!! 😀❤

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