A New Life Goes On

Sunday Gospel Reflection
Third Sunday of Easter
John 21:1-19 | May 1, 2022

A New Life Goes On
by Carlo S. Dureza

Today we see vestiges of a new life after Christ’s resurrection. The gospel scene cuts into the vast seashore of Galilee with Jesus’ disciples immersing themselves back in the old job they lived by: fishing. It was not too long ago when they witnessed the gruesome death of their Master, and they were all alone by themselves.

Appearing to His disciples, Jesus offers a way for them to catch more fish, “cast your nets on the other side of the boat,” He said. After a luckless night, they were indeed able to haul a gargantuan number of fish.

Then, all of them proceeded to the other side of the shore where a hot breakfast of broiled fish and some bread over charcoal fire awaited them. Jesus’ presence had become more apparent to His erstwhile followers.

Jesus gives Peter a chance to redeem himself from his awful betrayal by asking him repeatedly, three times, if he loves Jesus. This was to counter His denial of Jesus thrice when he was about to be put to death. This redemption of Peter is ours too.

A risen Jesus by the sparkling waters of the sea teeming with fishermen, a gigantic catch of fish caught from “the other side of the boat”, a fresh and warm meal to start a new day, all attest to the new life Jesus had won for us on the cross. This newness of life speaks of HOPE that God continues to live abundantly in our hearts.

To cap it all, Jesus brings us redemption by restoring our sonship to God the Father after we have sinned. We are now free and this freedom we would always have if we follow Him.

Imbued with the gifts of the Resurrection, we live a new spirit and go on living with new mindsets, new attitudes, and a new way of life. We are a new creation in Christ Jesus!!

Happy Sunday! God bless! 😄😍

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