The Parable of the Sower

The Parable of the Sower
Josie Gonzalez

The Bible tells us that Jesus uses parables or stories so that man may understand Him and the parable of the sower is one such story that seeks to reveal the hidden meaning of the kingdom of God but, unfortunately, not everyone who hears the story, the gospel, the word of God understands and believes.

This Sunday’s gospel beautifully pictures 3 characters, the SOWER – the farmer and anyone who proclaims the word of God; the SEED – the gospel, the word of God or the Lord’s message; and the third, the SOIL – thorny and rocky or rich that characterizes man’s responses from altogether rejection to acceptance of the word of God. Sometimes called the parable of the soils, it is telling us that, depending upon the type of soil is the seed’s ability to grow to full maturity and reach its best potential. What type are you? Thorny? Rocky? Rich soil that is open and ready to grow with the Lord?

Today’s gospel is the “growth” parable about planting and growing as followers of Christ. But the rocks and thorns along the way of bad company, tv/ internet negative influences, what we read, what we do, where we go, drugs and alcohol are distractions that prevent the word of God from taking root in our lives.

Surely, if we do a turnaround from “rejection” to “acceptance”, and follow Jesus with all our hearts and minds, we can overcome all obstacles, the thorns, and the rocks, to a successful bountiful harvest of a deepened personal relationship with our Lord Jesus. Are we ready to be part of the harvest of the kingdom of God? Or do we take God and our salvation for granted? Where are you in this? Think and reflect.

Be the farmer who chooses rich and fertile soil so that the “seed” may take root and produce a bountiful harvest, whatever season of the year it may be. Be the farmer who proclaims the word of God relentlessly, storm or no storm, pandemic or no pandemic, crisis or no crisis, in bad times and good times because our heavenly Father, the Lord God, through Jesus Christ, our Saviour, is with us 24/7.

Today, we face 2 enemies- the invisible COVID virus that is causing tremendous disturbances to our everyday lives and its visible effects of hunger, death, sickness, the “new normal” of face mask, social distancing, #stayhome, etc. But the Lord Jesus is in our midst and will never leave us. Just believe, be silent and listen to Him. Can you hear Him speak? Can you feel Him in your heart? Is your heart even open to listen to Him? During this critical time, the Lord is telling us that the “new normal” is our own creation and will continue to be the norm if we don’t follow health protocols and the government’s directives. How can we be the good farmer who spreads the word of God if we continue to be “thorny and rocky” even in following guidelines during this pandemic?

Let us shift gears and go full speed in welcoming Jesus in our lives by helping the frontliners, the drivers, those who lost their jobs, the homeless, the sick, and the poor, in any way we can – moneywise, food, PPEs, clothing and shelter, and words of comfort. Let us also help ourselves remain faithful and true to our Creator by praising and glorifying Him, thanking Him, and receiving Him in spiritual communion during this critical period.

Let us spread the Good News of Salvation. Read the Bible and obey God. Allow the “seed” to grow in your life. A blessed Sunday!

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