The Arrival of the Diocesan Youth Cross

The Arrival of the Diocesan Youth Cross

By: Kathleen Cortez

A Rite of Acceptance for the receiving of the Diocesan Youth Cross was held in the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice last Saturday, August 24, 2019. The Youth Cross features a relic of the True Cross and is currently visiting parishes across the Diocese of Cubao in line with the celebration of the Year of the Youth. 

Youth from the Santa Maria Della Strada Parish handed over the Cross to members of our Parish Youth Ministry (PYM). The welcoming celebration included a blessing of the Cross by our Parish Priest Fr. Bong Tupino, a performance by PYM members, and a public veneration of the Cross. The Youth Cross was placed on a platform full of candles and flowers together with the images of Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod and a large photo frame bearing the pictures of other young saints. A Eucharistic Celebration led by Fr. Bong capped the celebration. 

According to Erwin Gabriel, the Parish Youth Ministry will work to help youth reconnect with God.  “In line with this, we will create activities that will enable the youth to bring themselves closer to God,“ he said. 

Aside from the Rite of Acceptance, activities such as the Youth and Adult Baptism will be held this week in line with the arrival of the Youth Cross.

Public veneration of the Diocesan Youth Cross is currently ongoing until August 29. 

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