New Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Officers and Members of PHS

Commissioning of PPC Officers 

Last August 28, newly-appointed Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) officers from each parish of the Diocese of Cubao were blessed and commissioned by Bishop Honesto Ongtioco. This was done as part of the 16th anniversary celebration of the diocese. 

The PPC officers of the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice were nominated by leaders of various parish organizations during this year’s parish planning and chosen by our parish priest, Fr. Bong Tupino. The list of new officers was then submitted to the Diocese for official appointment from the Bishop. 

The PHS PPC Officers and Ministry Coordinators are:

Parish Priest: Fr. Jose S. Tupino III

PPC Lay Coordinators: 

Nathaniel B. Diola & 

Maria Faina L. Diola

Assistant PPC Lay Coordinators: 

Luis H. De Luna & 

Marie Josephine M. De Luna

PPC Secretary: Janeth Y. Mabaquiao

PPC Treasurer: Lorenzo A. Clavejo

Worship Ministers: 

Alicia E. Paguio & 

Rex L. Paras

Formation Ministers: 

Ma. Sheilah G. Napalang & 

Julian G. Ramos

Social Service Ministers: 

Maria Faina L. Diola & 

Lenie T. Malinao

Public Affairs Ministers: 

Nerissa N. Agustin & 

Benedick M. Lapuz

Family & Life Ministers: 

Luis H. de Luna & 

Marie Josephine M. De Luna

Youth Ministers: 

Emerson G. Gabriel & 

Maldyn C. Cayubit

Vocation Ministers: 

Teodulfo P. Pelaez & 

Nanette B. Pelaez

Catechetical Ministers: 

Ruben C. Lumbreras & 

Dolores G. Lumbreras

BEC Ministers: 

Erlinda P. Cinco & 

Imelda G. Fe

Media Ministers: 

Mar Philippe F. Lopez & 

Marie Gabrielle M. De Luna

Stewardship Ministers: 

Mario R. delos Reyes & 

Jonathan S. Beldia

Urban Poor Ministers:

Arnulfo L. Anoos & 

Jonathan S. Beldia

Bible Minister:

Rex Francis M. Flores

The main goal of the PPC is to work with the bishop and the parish priest in addressing the needs of each parish and the issues affecting its community through the implementation of the diocese’s priority agendas.

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