Letter from the Parish Priest regarding the reopening of Masses in the main church and the guidelines for parishioners

Dear Parishioners, UP Diliman Catholic Community, Barangay UP Campus,
UP Alumni, Friends, and Benefactors of PHS:

Peace of the Lord!

Last July 2, the IATF announced that religious gatherings will already be allowed after July 10, 2020, but with 10 percent only of the venue’s seating capacity and provided that there is no objection from the LGU.

Last night (July 9) at 10:50 PM the Local Government of QC issued a memorandum through the Office of the Mayor permitting the holding of religious gatherings in QC with 10 percent of the venue’s seating capacity as specified by the IATF.

Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, Bishop of Cubao, has directed the Parish Priests that they may already reopen the Parish Churches beginning on Saturday evening, July 11. He advised, however, the Parish Priests to be careful, in the midst of the increasing number of COVID cases, by ensuring the readiness of their Parish Church and the strict compliance with health protocols. If there is a need not to reopen yet or delay the reopening of their Parish Church due to high risks in their barangay, the Parish Priests can use their discretion.

For our Parish, the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice, we shall move up our online masses from the Adoration Chapel to the Main Church beginning on Saturday evening, July 11. For the meantime we will keep the schedules of our Online Masses at 9 AM, 12NN, and 6 PM on Sundays; and 12NN and 6 PM during weekdays. Only up to 80 massgoers will be accommodated to comply with the IATF directive. For Entrance Gate 1 (Laurel cor Agoncillo Streets) will be opened one hour before the Mass. After the Mass, the Massgoers can exit through Gates 2 (Apacible Street) and 5 (Agoncillo Street). Massgoers will be requested to leave after the Mass to give way to the Disinfection Procedure of the church for the next Mass.

Please be guided accordingly and thank you for your cooperation. God bless you and your family always!

Fr. Jose “Bong” Tupino III
Parish Priest
10 July 2020

Mass Guidelines

Those who plan to join our Online Masses held at the Main Church starting on Saturday, July 11, at 6 PM, please read the following guidelines:

  1. Before entering the Gates the guard will check the temperature of Massgoers using a thermal scanner. Those with high body temperature will be advised to go home or have themselves checked at a nearby clinic or hospital. If you are feeling sick, we advise you to stay at home and get medical attention immediately if needed.
  2. For the purposes of Contact Tracing, a form will be given out to be accomplished by the Massgoer while waiting for the Mass and will be handed back to the ushers as the Massgoer exits the Church after the Mass.
  3. Ushers will spray alcohol to help sanitize the hands of the Massgoers.
  4. Before entering the Church the Massgoers will disinfect their footwears by stomping on the Sanitation Stomp Mat (Footbath).
  5. Inside the Church, the pews are marked with signages in order to identify the seat numbers and seats that can be occupied. Seats that can be occupied are so marked to implement physical distancing.
  6. Wearing of masks inside the Church during the Mass is mandatory.
  7. Holding hands during the “Our Father” and shaking hands during the giving of “Peace” is prohibited.
  8. Envelopes for Offerings will be provided in the pews. The Offerings will be dropped in the Collection Boxes placed near the Exits. Massgoers can put their Offerings after the Mass as they go out.
  9. During Communion, the Massgoers will line up row by row along the designated Communion lines. They are to ensure physical distancing by following the markers on the floor.
  10. Communion will be received mandatorily by hand. Before Communion the priest will say aloud “The Body of Christ” and the congregation will respond “Amen.” Then, Communion will be given and received in silence.
  11. Those who wish to pray before the images and statues of Jesus, Mary, and the saints are advised not to touch them.

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