Holy Week, week of refreshment and renewal

Holy Week, week of refreshment and renewal

We have come once more to the most important feast of the Church, the mother of all other feasts of the Church. It is the mother feast because all other feasts of the Church, in fact, the life of the Church itself is born out of this feast. The feast when God poured out in full the living water of the love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This abundant spring of the love of the Holy Trinity flowed out of the wounded body of the Son of God, Jesus, on the Cross.

Christians are invited to drink from this ocean of mercy of God and be refreshed and be renewed. We drink of this mercy by believing in this immeasurable and unconditional love of God; as we behold Jesus crucified, we behold the merciful face of God. As we behold God’s merciful face, we are also invited to enter into the compassionate heart of God and allow God to embrace us in our humanity, with all our vulnerability, our tendencies to selfishness that inflict upon us and all others misery and death. We allow God’s mercy and compassion to dissolve our selfishness and transform it into life-giving self-donation for others: to love others as we are loved by God.

Transformed by God’s unconditional love, we begin to transform our lives as well as others’ lives and become life-giving as well. Refreshed and renewed by the living water of God’s mercy and compassion we become life-giving water as well for others who are thirsting and suffering in this world.

Let this holy week be more than just self-debasing because if our sinfulness but a moment of self-raising itself to the heights of loving that issues forth from the wounded side of Jesus, the love of God in flesh and blood.

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