Awesome Embrace

Sunday Gospel Reflection
Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord
Matthew 2:1-12 | Jan. 2, 2022

Awesome Embrace
Carlo S. Dureza

Today we celebrate the Epiphany. It is this part of the Christmas story when the child Jesus is visited by three distinguished men, known as the Magi. Traditionally, the occasion is called “Three Kings”. It recounts that moment when three persons of noble stature recognized Jesus’ kingship as the promised savior and did Him homage.

I personally like this part of the Christmas season because of the symbolic significance it brings: Bejeweled gentlemen garbed in fine robes laying down their crowns before a baby in a manger, gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, and, yes, the big star that led the Magi to find the child.

Men of kingly bearing prostrating themselves in recognition of a child’s supremacy indicate the virtues of humility and dignity. Offerings of gold reveal royalty, frankincense point to divinity, and myrrh stands for immortality‚ÄĒtraits of a God that has come to save us. Lastly, the star that guided the men to the infant Jesus is the light that permeated the whole world to herald the coming of redemption.

I am particularly drawn to the light that appeared to the Magi in the guise of a star. Personally, I feel that this light is the beacon of salvation. It has overwhelmed the darkness in a world wrapped in sin. It sparked a ray of hope in the midst of evil.

The star that lit the path towards Christ’s manger threw an encompassing brightness which bathed whole mankind. It pierced a grim, lifeless existence with a brilliance that enlivened all. It widely radiated a warmth that embraced people for them to learn that God is alive and abounds in love and mercy. We would be awed by this loving embrace that touches our hearts and caresses our soul. Our God is personal to all of us.

We thus divest ourselves of whatever distinctions and remember that our only entitlement is that of being a child of God. Let us be like the Magi who fell to their knees and surrendered what were precious to the world in recognition of a Savior, the true King who delivered us.

How awesome is the Lord, the light that embraces each and every one of us without excluding any one of us?

Glory to the King of kings!

Happy Sunday to all! God bless!

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