Sunday Gospel Reflection
Easter Sunday
John 20:1-9

The Will to Believe
Carlo Dureza

Jesus is risen, Alleluia!

We have reached the zenith of the celebration of our faith; Christ arose from the dead and has won for us eternal life! We are saved by this grace of a new life! Sin has no power over Jesus. Our Savior has conquered evil and death. In Him we are set free!

Every year we read the account of Easter Morning in scriptures, hear it at masses, listen to it in liturgical Easter rites at church, and ponder over it when it is narrated in mellow voices during interludes that occur between radio and television programs.

The story’s details remain: the stone moved, burial clothes left folded, head cloth neatly rolled up, tomb empty, a weeping Mary looking for Jesus’ body, disciple running towards the tomb and, seeing it empty, believes that Jesus had risen.

The Resurrection story simply tells us that God has won us back to the fold of His Kingdom. But why has sin prevailed in this world, why has it pervaded in our lives? Despite the story’s evidence that seek to convince our human minds, our capacity to grasp remains finite. We cannot believe. Why? Because we won’t believe. In our stubborn hearts we do not believe!

An act of humbly surrendering to God, wholeheartedly abandoning oneself to Him, being indifferent to anything else the world could offer, fully trusting in His mercy, and doing His will above all else is the requisite to experiencing a genuine Easter.

Let us not remain entombed in our pride and foolishness. Death does not define us humans as Christ has risen. May we recognize the presence of Jesus near us, the way He was to Mary Magdalene as she wept in search of Him. Finally, let us be like the disciple who believed upon seeing the empty tomb. May the profoundness of simple truth strike our minds and hearts.

Let us will it in ourselves to believe that our Lord has risen and has sealed our lives for eternity.

Happy Easter! God bless!!

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